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At heart this website is about encouraging you to take action and build a business (and in the process life) you love.

Maybe you want to escape a 9 to 5 that is just getting you by; maybe you want to explore a passion that you can turn into a business; or maybe you just want to make some additional income so that you have time to enjoy more of your life. To that end we talk here about how to create a website, build a list and get out there on social media.

But bigger even than that we talk about the mindset which is going to help you to achieve your dreams.

Building a business you love is going to take work and consistency.

To succeed you are going to need to be focused and you will have to keep going, even when things aren’t going the way you expected.

You launch your first course and you hear crickets. Hang on someone has just arrived on your website, oops no – gone again!

That blog post you put out has had 3 readers so far. That was you twice and you may even have shown it to your cat.

No-one (not a single person) has liked or commented on that amazing social media post you put out. Is anyone even on social media anymore? Well, yes of course they are, because Jane Doe just got a squillion likes on her post.

You are procrastinating like crazy and you aren’t even sure why. Your kitchen cupboards are bloody clean though!

You feel totally overwhelmed right now and you don’t know where to start. Yes I’ve written a list but that took so long I then had to lie down in a darkened room for 20 minutes.

This whole business idea (which seemed so exciting at the start) is just much harder than you thought it would be. Whose freaking idea was this anyway?

 3 products got lost in the post this week alone. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Someone has asked for a refund or not paid on time. That’s it I’m done, bye, bye – never wanted this whole business thing anyway!

Do any of these sound familiar? I know they do for me and I’m pretty sure you will have experienced at least one (all) of them!

Building a business is hard and you will fall down. Sometimes you will fall down so hard that you will wonder whether it’s even worth bothering to get up again.

But if you know your why and it’s really, really, really worth it to you, you will get to your knees, dust yourself off, stand up straight and breathe deeply.

And do you want to know something that will make you feel a little better? Everyone else in business is having exactly the same issues as you (yes even Jane Doe who gets a squillion views on her social media). At one point she was falling down daily, with time she’s grown stronger and more assured but she still goes through fears, self-doubt, not feeling good enough and she will probably experience that every time she puts herself out of her comfort zone and pushes to the next level.

Now not everyone will get up after they fall, they will just decide that this isn’t for them and that the time has come to call it a day. And that’s ok too, maybe what they are doing isn’t right for them or maybe the timing is off.

But if you know in your heart that this business is what you want or this passion needs to be pursued – you aren’t going to give up. Even when all seems confusion, you will get back to creating, you will write a blog post or you will reach out and message your potential clients. And every time you fall down you will get right up and carry on.

Does that mean you will never feel fear or despair or just totally fed up with the whole damn experience. No, you will feel all those things. But that doesn’t mean what you are doing isn’t working, it’s just a natural part of growing.

When a child can’t tie his shoelaces the first, or even the twenty-seventh time, we don’t say ‘well you may as well get used to a life without knots kiddo‘ – we carry on patiently teaching them and eventually with a big smile on their face they will have vanquished their old foe the shoelace.

You too can vanquish your foes, they are usually procrastination, doubt, fear of failure and a whole bunch of things much more scary than a shoelace – but just as the battle is harder, so the victory is all the sweeter.

You will fall down – but you will get right back up.

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