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As we start the year I thought I would put together my thoughts on how I want things to change in 2019. Many of these won’t be right for you, but maybe one or two will strike a chord. Also I would love to hear in the comments section what you are going to be doing differently in the year ahead.

Word Of the Year

I have chosen a word of the year before but I have to be honest I didn’t really pay it too much attention as the months rolled by. This year I want that to change. My word of the year is LOVE. Not romantic love but to feel and experience more love in the world. In these difficult times I think we all need to show more love to others and to ourselves. Not always easy, but worth striving for. To focus on the word I am going to use it in my goal setting; in my daily journalling; and I may even do a little creative art work around it! Do you have a word of the year?


Which brings us neatly on to journalling. I have noticed that if I don’t start the day right, i.e. I don’t start it in a calm and purposeful way, it tends to end up careening all over the place. So to centre myself before I do anything – and yes that means before I open email or check social media – I am going to journal for around 15 to 20 minutes. This can be around what I’m grateful for; what goals I want to achieve; or even a few minutes of free journalling on things that may be bothering me or things I need to work through. There are no rules on content, just the rule that I have to commit to doing it daily.

Resolutions/Goal Setting

I don’t create resolutions as I find they don’t really work for me but I am focusing on goal setting in a much more structured way this year. Both in terms of big picture goals and then breaking those goals down to the step by steps I will need to get there. 2018 just flew by and I felt that while I had goals, I didn’t really have them broken down into small enough actionable steps – and nor did I reward myself if I actually achieved them. This year that changes!

Getting More Downtime

I love working but I have realised that I need to also give myself more downtime. Work expands to fill the time we have available so I am going to be way more strict with myself about the hours I set myself to work. I want to get just as much done but by working in very clearly defined shorter bursts I am hoping my productivity will rise accordingly. I’ll keep you posted on that ☺

Healthy Approach

I didn’t get burnt out this year but I have realised that health needs to be much more of a priority. I already do a lot of walking and I am going to up that still further in the year ahead. Not only does it make me feel better physically I often have some of my best ideas while my mind is out in the fresh air.

Mindset Is All

I truly believe that whether we succeed at something or not largely rests on our mindset. We all know that feeling of flow where things come together and we also know the polar opposite when we feel like we are pushing a giant boulder uphill. The latter feeling often happens when we feel like we ‘should’ do something but don’t really want to.

So in 2019 let’s all focus on taking on more of those things that really do fill us up and make us joyful about our lives. I’m not saying that we can do that 100% of the time – bills have to paid and families have to be cared for – but when we can let’s explore what’s in our hearts in terms of how we want our lives to play out and focus on what we really want – not what we think we should want.

Have a great year ahead. I would love to hear in the comments what you are focusing on this year.

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