Everything you need to know to start generating more traffic to your website, blog or online marketplace.

I recently ran a survey on the training people wanted to see in the coming year. Hands down the most popular choice was ‘getting more traffic to my website‘.

Traffic is the holy grail of building a business online, isn’t it? The more traffic we get, the more our email list grows and the more sales we make.

Getting more traffic isn’t just about ‘one‘ thing though. It’s a combination of steps you need to take to ensure people find you, and more importantly, stick around and check out what you have to offer.

If you want to find out what these steps are, then join me for my upcoming 2-part webinar.


Why am I Teaching This Webinar?

I’ve been creating websites and driving traffic to them since 2009 – in a wide range of niches. I’ve also worked one-on one with clients individually to help them to get their business found online.

It isn’t rocket science to get more traffic, but it is something that needs attention for best results. I can give you the steps that have worked for me.


What’s In This Webinar?


It’s the complete walkthrough to help you generate more traffic, including:

  • Is your website set up to receive and get the most out of the traffic you are receiving?
  • How to check who is visiting your website and where they are coming from.
  • SEO steps to take and making sure your website is getting found by the search engines.
  • How to use traffic generation methods to bring you more targeted visitors.
  • Easy tweaks to get more traffic and even better these are things which can be done once so they don’t take up hours of your time.

When is the Webinar happening?

* There is a lot of content included in this training so the webinar will be split into two parts, both of which are included in the price. The first will take place on Wednesday 29th January and the second on Wednesday 5th February, both will be at at 4pm UK time, 11am EST.

* The webinars will be recorded and you will be sent access afterwards so you can revisit them at at any time.

* There will be supporting materials available including checklists, resource lists etc.

* You have 30 days email support from the date of the first webinar to ask me any questions specific to your business.

Who Is This Webinar For?

If you are tired of getting a trickle of people to your site, and trying a host of things that just don’t seem to work – then this 2 part webinar is for you.

The amount of traffic you get is going to make a big difference to the success of your business, so it’s worth taking a little time now to learn the steps that will generate traffic now and into the future.



Ready to Join Us?

If you want access to the webinars – both of which will be recorded – then sign up below. 
Plus, everyone who signs up will also receive a bonus of a Quick Start Guide to Traffic Generation and a Calendar of weekly steps to keep you on track.

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