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This Masterclass is Everything You Need to Know to Get Your First Product Launched – With No Cost Outlay

Does This Sound Like You?

You know you want to get a product launched and start seeing income in your bank account, but you are worried about the tech, how to create the content, or whether it’s going to cost you cash upront?

If so, I have some good news.

In this 4-part video masterclass I am going to walk you through the entire process of getting your first product out into the world.

We are Going to Cover

Deciding What to Sell

There are many options for your first product. An ebook, printables, video course, audio, digital art, templates or more. We look at what’s right for you.

Choose a Price

The pros and cons of pricing, and my suggestion for the price point to get more sales, faster.

How to Create the Product

I walk through creating an ebook and a video course in a super easy way. We are going to have you ready to make some sales.

Putting Your Product Up for Sale

These are the practical steps I walk through to show you how to get 2 different types of product live. There are no upfront costs for either of these and delivery to your buyer is automatic once set up.

Creating the Sales Page

I show you how to create your sales page, plus you get a bonus download of a step by step list of what you need to include.

At the end of this masterclass you are going to know how to create your product, where to sell it and how to deliver it to your customer – all with no upront costs.


As a bonus for purchasing you will also gain access to my private Facebook group, only for those who have purchased one of my courses. Here you can ask any questions along the way. Plus, share your product with us when you are ready.

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