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Do you remember when you were a little girl (or boy) and there were so many things you got excited about.

I’m not talking here about absolutely MAJOR things like Christmas or your birthday. Why of course that sent you into a frenzy of excitement, I mean presents and cake, doh of course you were excited.

No, I am talking about those day to day excitements. Now of course everyone will be different here depending where you lived and what you loved to do, but I’m going to list just a few things that got me wriggling with glee.

  • A trip to the library – I would get something like 12 books and I would still be trotting back with them all read the following week – and probably begging to go back early. Oh I loved books. And I’m not talking picture books here. How did I ever find the time? At the moment I crawl through one book a month if I’m lucky and that reading takes place in the two minutes before I nod off in bed. I’m not old – just working too hard 😉
  • Cartwheeling – I was a major cartwheel addict and you could not stop me bounding off in a spinning whirl across any grassy area. Now, I think a single cartwheel would have me heading off to A & E – that’s ER if you are across the pond 🙂
  • Tap shoes – yes I loved to dance. No more. Those tap shoes have been silenced.
  • Games, especially playing Uno and Frustration with my Grandad. Sometimes even just Eye-Spy – wow he was a super keen player, he once had me flummoxed for days by saying p (which turned out to be p for paste behind the wallpaper). Grandad!!!!
  • The new episode of Charlie’s Angels or Rentaghost (yes I had eclectic taste!)
  • The future – how blimmin’ exciting was it going to be, to be an adult!

These just touch the surface of what I got excited about as a child.

How many times do you get excited now on a monthly, let alone weekly or daily basis?

Do you have things which light you up? Do you pursue passions which fill you with joy?

It’s time I think we start a movement to get excited again, to get passionate, to feel alive.

To do all those things we want to do, like paint a picture, do a plié or write a novel.

Time is ticking away ladies and gents and, ahem, none of us are getting any younger.

Whether it’s our work which makes us passionate or whether it’s things we pursue in our spare time – let’s explore those things which make us happy.

Are you with me? Are you up for bringing ‘way back when’ bang up to date. No, I’m not saying you have to do a cartwheel, but you may just want to join that yoga class!

Tell me below what you would love to do and then commit to doing it. There’s no stopping us now 🙂

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