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It’s been a little over a month since I started my Pinterest experiment – and you can read about my aims here if you want to catch up.

The Main Things I Have Been Focusing on Are:

Posting Regularly Every Day – at the moment I am averaging adding 12 pins per day (that’s some of my content and repins).  When I am adding these pins I am focusing on doing it at the optimal times of day that my audience is active. That wouldn’t be possible without Tailwind, as it calculates the best times for you to be posting and then drips those pins out throughout the day. I just fill up my queue with my own pins and those from Tailwind Tribes (more on that in a moment) and then I am set for the week. On top of everything else, it’s a huge time-saver.

Creating Pins – I have gone through some of the most popular content on my websites and have created new pins for them. How do I check which are my most popular blog posts? Why analytics of course ☺ (and I hope you have yours set up!) This has proved really effective as it means I am sharing more of my content which is already created. Remember all that time you put into those older blog posts? If they are evergreen you need to be making the most of them.

I create these pins using Canva. They have lots of great Pinterest templates in there that you can amend and use. I simply swap out fonts, colours and images to make an entirely new pin. (I will be creating a free mini training video on that soon, so if you aren’t on my mailing list yet, sign up so you can get access.)

Using Tailwind Tribes – this is the part of Tailwind I love the most. You can add your content and it gets shared by other Tribe members. Many of whom have massive followings already so it gives you the opportunity to get in front of way more people than you would have the chance to do otherwise.

Here’s a little screenshot from within the Tailwind Tribes section of my Pet Hooligans profile


You can see I have submitted 71 pins to the Tribes, those pins have been repinned by others in the tribes 121 times and then the 14 repins have come from other sources (people who have seen my pins on other people’s boards and then repinned them) and the reach is just over 691k. That wouldn’t have been possible without Tribes and I am interested to see if this has a compounding effect over time – as the more pins you have out there being repinned, the more it’s possible to get re-pinned!

I’ve even started my own Tribes in the crafts and pets niches  – if you want to join me then click either of those links.

So What Are The Results So Far?

It’s still very early days. I have been using Tailwind for one month for my Pet Hooligans and Alison M Wood Pinterest profiles and literally just a few days for my Art of Crafts profile.

However, I am very pleased with the results so far, outlined below, and I will keep you posted as things progress.

Pet Hooligans

  • Monthly Unique Viewers Increased from 11.2k to 33.1k
  • 195 repins (don’t have data yet to compare that against previous month)
  • Increase in traffic to my PH blog via Pinterest (most important stat for me): 221% increase from July vs August

Alison M Wood

  • Monthly Unique Viewers Increased from 13.5k to 18.5k
  • 309 repins (don’t have data yet to compare that against previous month)
  • Increase in traffic to my AlisonMWood website via Pinterest (most important stat for me): 900% increase from July vs August

Art of Crafts (only been using Tailwind for a few days)

  • Monthly Unique Viewers Increased from 65.4k to 67.9k
  • 143 repins (don’t have data yet to compare that against previous month)
  • Increase in traffic to my Art of Crafts website via Pinterest (most important stat for me): Too early to compare

I’m very encouraged by the results but of course, it’s early days. To me, things like the monthly unique viewers figures are great to see growing, because they mean more people are seeing my pins. However, the bottom line is that the main metric for me is getting eyes on my blogs. The more people I get to my sites, the more newsletter sign-ups I get, the more affiliate purchases are made and ultimately the more my profit will increase.

I’ll do another update after the end of September and we will see where we are then. If you start to use Tailwind (even if it’s just for the free trial) do let me know below as I would love to connect with you there and hear about your progress. Also if you have any questions on Tailwind or Pinterest in general, feel free to leave them below.

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