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AlisonMWood.com is a web services business offering online courses, membership programs  and a range of services including marketing, web building and newsletter creation. The business is owned and operated by Alison Wood. Email Address: alison@alisonmwood.com

When signing up for any of the services, memberships or courses at AlisonMWood.com you must accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.

1) You must supply all of the required information about yourself, including name and email, where we can deliver our online course or other services information.

2) You must pay for your online course selection up front. There is a one-time payment for our courses and NO recurring billing. No refunds on courses, expressed or implied, for any reason.

3) Our other services include membership programs, VA Services, article writing, newsletter writing, social media auditing with live phone coaching, social media management, social media setup, social media tune up, website building and website support.

Any and all services must be paid for up front before the service can begin. There are no refunds offered on any of these services.

Our membership program is available to you on a monthly payment basis. There are no monthly contracts to sign for any of our services and you can cancel at any time prior to the next payment due date.  Simply send us an email telling us you wish to cancel and we will discontinue any of our recurring services and billing.

4) Another very popular service we provide is free and paid instructional webinars. These webinars will be announced in advance via emails and by posting on this website. All of our webinars are recorded so that if you cannot attend you can still download the webinar video from the email link you’ll receive from us. All of our paid webinars are non-refundable.

5) By signing up for any of our services or online courses you are automatically entering into a lawful agreement with AlisonMWood.com to assume and accept full personal responsibility and accountability for any actions you may take including, but not limited to, the purchase and use of any products promoted within or the use of any advice, suggestions, tips, ideas, opinions, or news that may be offered in the services or courses.

For website builds the website owner/client assumes and accepts full personal responsibility for meeting all legal requirements for their site worldwide. This includes their terms and conditions, affiliate disclaimers, cookie policies and meeting cookie consent, privacy policies, GDPR and CPPA, and any other legal requirements for their site, including the website’s content. Alison Wood is not liable for any legal action whatsoever brought against sites built or supported by Alison Wood for clients or the business enterprises of those clients, their businesses, or their products.

Annual website support packages include each of the following as needed:

  1. Developer updates to the WordPress framework
  2. Plugin regular updates
  3. Theme routine updates
  4. The addition of new website pages (content and graphics not included).
  5. Changes and/or deletions to any existing pages
  6. Optional feature adjustments (such as colors) to the WordPress theme
  7. Any necessary tweaks or fixes to the website pages for normal operation

Support does not include a website upgrade or redesign, theme change,  or any sort of website redevelopment. It is important the client understands and accepts that the security of the site is fully the responsibility of said client and their chosen web host company. That means if the website becomes malware compromised, attacked, or hacked in any way the clean-up and/or site restoration is the client’s responsibility and at the client’s expense.   

6) There are no guarantees expressed or implied that you will achieve any particular results from our services and online courses, nor from any of the content, ideas, instructions, suggestions, opinions, etc. that you may take away and apply from our courses or other services.

7) AlisonMWood.com owns the rights to all content, videos and other materials contained in our online courses. Copying and sharing of any content, videos and other materials from within the course, without our expressed written permission, is strictly forbidden and prohibited by law.

8) AlisonMWood.com and its owner, Alison Wood, reserves the rights to:

  1. Edit, correct, alter, or change any and all content of the online courses at any time without notice, including these Terms & Conditions and all other aspects of the courses.
  2. Suspend the account of and ban any course member or services client who becomes disruptive, abusive or harassing at anytime, without notice or refund for any reason as we see fit.

9) By signing up to our online courses or any of our other services you are giving us permission to send emails to you relating to the course, other services and promotional information.

We Hate Spam.  Our blog email subscriber database is professionally managed by a paid third party provider and is in full compliance with the Anti-Spam laws of the United States and the European Union. You assume the risk of using our email contact services and understand that we cannot guarantee email deliverability due to the increased unreliability of email delivery with some Internet Service Providers.

Because of spam filters, bulk mail folders, etc., we’re not responsible or liable in any way for any undelivered emails.  By submitting your contact information to our email subscriber you automatically agree without exception to abide by all lawful no-spam rules and to accept our emails without complaint or accusation. Should you wish to unsubscribe to our emails you may do so at anytime by clicking the link provided for that purpose.

10)  Anyone who signs up to our online courses, any of our other services or otherwise provides us with any form of personal information automatically agrees that they are 18 years of age or older.

11) This Agreement is governed by the laws and jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and the United States of America, without regard to principles of conflict of laws.  Injunctive or other appropriate relief (civil or criminal) may be sought in any State Court, U.S. Federal Court or U.K. Court to the extent anyone in any manner violates or threatens to violate the physical, digital or any other copyrighted property of AlisonMWood.com, our publishers and all of our associates. By visiting AlisonMWood.com and its associated webpages or other websites,  you automatically consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in such courts as described here regardless of your state or nation of residence.

12) European Cookie Notification: The cookie settings on AlisonMWood.com and our related sites are set to ‘allow all cookies’ to give you the very best visitor experience. As a visitor to the course you automatically agree to Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. You have the option of blocking all cookies in your machine’s operating system control panel or within your browser tools for specific websites. (2012 Cookie Directive Amendment to EU Directive 2002/58/EC) To find out more about cookies please visit:https://www.aboutcookies.org/

Legal Disclaimer:

AlisonMWood.com and its owner, Alison Wood, reserve all intellectual and digital rights to all of the content presented and offered in the courses, webinars and memberships including but not limited to, images, video, audio, and pdf downloads and, as such, these may not be reproduced in any manner without the owner’s written permission. Any and all downloaded course materials are only for the exclusive personal use of the person who purchased the course or service.

The author and publisher of all courses available at AlisonMWood.com have made their best efforts in preparing these courses for the reader’s enjoyment and learning. No representation or warranty is made as to the accuracy, applicability, fitness or completeness of any of the content of the courses.

Our online courses and other services are provided “as-is” and without warranty of any kind. In all instances, the author, publisher, contributors and any other parties associated with AlisonMWood.com and our related sites including all courses and webinars and our other services shall be held harmless by all parties for any alleged personal or property loss, consequential or otherwise, arising from downloading, reading and/or applying the course or services information provided to them by our company, without exception of any kind. The author, publisher and contributors disclaim any and all warranties (expressed or implied) that may be alleged by anyone using and/or applying our courses or other services.

AlisonMWood.com and its owner, Alison Wood, do not personally endorse any particular ideas, products or services by other persons or businesses that are mentioned within any of the courses or webinars available at AlisonMWood.com or any of the other courses and services our company provides.  Furthermore, there are no warranties given to the ideas, suggestions, products or any other resources presented or promoted through links or any other means within our courses and other services.

Our online courses may contain information that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements. Such statements may include words or phrases such as: “make money”, “save time”, “save money”, “get more leads”, “improve traffic”, etc. in connection with a product, tools, technique, training, or methodology described by the author or a contributor. Any and all forward-looking statements herein are simply an opinion of the author or contributors. In no way do any of these statements guarantee that, if the reader applies any of the ideas, projects, products, techniques, etc. so described in the online course that they will achieve the same or similar results claimed by the author or contributor.

AlisonMWood.com makes no representation or warranty with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the content of this website, the courses, services, products, or other resources presented within or promoted by links or any other manner of content or imagery within any of its websites.

AlisonMWood.com, its owner and associates shall not be held liable for unexpected downtime due to a technical difficulty not of our doing and/or beyond our administrative control. Examples of such an event would be scheduled host maintenance, equipment issues experienced by our site host or electrical failure that may effect our live status.

In no event shall our company be held liable to any party for any alleged direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or any other consequential damages to any device; software; app; media; image; or website allegedly arising from the use of this website or any of our online course instructions course content; products; webinars; or other services that have been suggested or promoted in any manner by our company.

Although every effort has been made to accurately represent everything published here, human and technical errors may sometimes occur.  Should any error occur we will correct it as soon as it comes to our attention. You and you alone are completely responsible for the security and integrity of your computer; other electronic devices; websites; blogs; social media; and you are fully responsible for your own actions should you use information; products; services; or advice of any kind promoted on this website; our webinars; or in any of our online courses.

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