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Whenever you are going after a dream, whether that’s building a business you love or creating something that means a great deal to you, there will be times when you just feel off and it is a struggle. You may feel super motivated about reaching the outcome you want, but that still doesn’t mean every day is going to be rainbows and kittens.

You might be tired, unwell, have personal issues going on, be butting up against resistance – any number of issues could be affecting your performance and subsequent results. The bottom line though is this. Are you going to let those feelings put you off moving forward or are you going to get back to it?

When you are procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed or simply not in the mood – remember the following.

Creativity Rarely Drops From The Heavens Above

Most writers, creators and artists will say that while there are days they feel totally in the zone, most of the time they just have to put in the work and get it done anyway.

We can tend to feel like we have to wait for the muse to strike before we put pen to paper and write the copy for our website; create a blog post video; or even just type out that 16 word social media update. However, if we wait for the muse to strike it’s pretty unlikely we will get anything achieved – and even the most talented have to power through.

Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.”
—George Orwell

Think About the Bigger Picture

That blog post, newsletter update or social media update you need to create might seem like very little in isolation but when you view it against the backdrop of your business you can see how vital it is.

When you are feeling resistance think about the bigger picture and where you want to get to. Then consider the actions you are taking today – are they moving you towards that bigger picture or away from it? If you are feeling overwhelmed or procrastinating you know the answer and you must find a way to keep you moving forward.

Leverage Your Time

Marketing your business is time consuming  and it has to be fitted around all the other things you do every day.

Therefore, ensure you are making the most of every piece of content you create. Use it in multiple ways, across your blog, social media and newsletter; and don’t forget to recycle evergreen content. Not everyone sees every update of yours so make sure you share everything multiple times.

Don’t Struggle Alone

When we are building our own business it can be pretty isolating at times so gather the support of like-minded people. You can meet people at local in-person networking groups, connect with others in free Facebook groups or even join up for a membership group where you will get much more individual support.

None of us can thrive in isolation  – and why would we even want to – so find people who can be a sounding board and cheer you on.

Sometimes it will be a struggle, but if you focus on these four areas you might be down for a while but you will never be out.

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