Social Media Done For You

Is managing your social media starting to feel like a full-time job?


If you’re overwhelmed by the constant need to grow followers, baffled by the plethora of platform choices, or frustrated by not reaching enough potential customers, you’re not alone. Moreover, if content creation is consuming time that could be spent on other crucial business tasks, it’s time to consider a change.

Imagine if social media wasn’t your concern anymore.

What if you could have an expert handle your social media strategy—someone who creates engaging content, manages your pages, and interacts with your audience, all while you focus on the core of your business?


Here’s what I offer—a complete, stress-free social media management service for three months:


Social Media Set-Up or Optimization

Whether starting from scratch or enhancing existing profiles, I ensure your social media presence is primed for success.


Diverse Platform Coverage

Choose from Facebook, X, LinkedIn, or Instagram based on what best meets your strategy.


Content Creation

I’ll craft compelling posts and create stunning images that resonate with your audience.


Consistent Engagement

Expect 5 posts per week on each platform, tailored to engage and attract more followers.


Increased Visibility

Regular links back to your products or services to boost visibility and engagement.


List Building

Strategic posts designed to promote sign-ups to your mailing list through attractive opt-ins and lead magnets.


Broadened Exposure

Reach a wider, more engaged audience genuinely interested in what you have to offer.


Time Saving

Free up valuable time so you can focus on scaling your business or refining your products and services.

With a track record of building robust followings in various niches for a wide variety of clients, I’m equipped to take your social media to the next level and to help you start building consistency.

After our time together you will have a range of posts that you can reuse going forward.

Ready to transform your social media presence without the stress? Let’s make it happen.

“Ali is gold dust. She is by far the most trustworthy, diligent, flexible, creative, devoted and brilliant Virtual Assistant I have ever come across. She can handle any task I offer her; from website building, to social media wisdom, to setting up new systems, to graphic design, to resolving even the most troublesome tech challenges.

The best thing – we have a great time working together; Ali is a grounding, nurturing presence when things are tough, and she can always make me laugh. I regularly recommend her to my clients, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a stellar right-hand woman to help them build, manage and scale their business.”

Sophie Jane Hardy

Marketing & Communications Consultant

Ready to Get Started?

Choose which package suits you best and then make your payment securely through Paypal. The payment is for the 3 months inclusive, NOT per month and there is no recurring contract.

Once you have booked your package I will reach out to you via email so we can get started whenever you are ready. We can then either have a call or work via email, whichever you prefer. You can use the package any time in the next 12 months once booked.

If you have any questions or would like a custom package please email me at: 

I started working with Alison in 2020 to assist me with many facets of my private therapy practice. 

I found myself needing a professional to assist with email marketing, social media posts, blogs and other updates to my website, as well as the design and distribution of my bi-monthly newsletter.  I had created an online coaching program which we have revamped a few times and needed to have all the videos and pdfs transferred from an old URL to a new Kajabi platform.  She has created lead magnets and sales pages for workshops too. 

Alison is absolutely amazing! She looks at my technological requests and can do things in minutes that it would take me days to try to figure out.  Alison is prompt in her response, is excellent at communicating with me, and has been the most essential asset in my business growth behind the scenes. 

Now referrals come organically as all my web information is synched up and finally working together so new prospective clients can find me.  She is worth every penny and I would highly recommend her to help any entrepreneur grow their business so they can focus on what they love, and leave the technology to her.

Gina Nelson


Last spring after my latest book came out, my publisher said I needed marketing help! I immediately thought of Alison Wood. I had taken her all-inclusive Social Media Marketing Bootcamp and was so impressed at how adept she is at maneuvering through the internet marketing world, not to mention her thoroughness in answering all my questions.

My publisher hired her to create FB Page, connect to Pinterest, and send out monthly newsletters on top of coming up with strategies on how to get a writer out there and noticed. Her gift for graphic design has been a real boon in bringing attention to my books. I couldn’t be happier and due to my busy schedule can relax in knowing the business end of writing is in the care of someone with a dazzlingly brilliant flair for combining imagery and words! Plus, Alison Wood cares about her clients and their business needs.”

Bonnie Jae Dane

“Alison Wood was referred to me by a trusted collegue when I needed to launch a new website, create my social media platforms, and design all of my marketing and communications systems from the ground up.

I can honestly say there was not a moment in which she didn’t show up, do excellent work (the first time around) and deliver what was needed on (or before) time. She goes the extra mile whenever its needed. I’ve already told her, she’s hired for life!”

Edveeje Fairchild, M.Ed

A Woman's Nature School

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