The Quick Start Pinterest Package

Save time – reduce stress – and get Pinterest firing on all cylinders

Does This Sound Like You?

You know how great Pinterest can be to get more traffic to your blog, store or lead magnets, but you just don’t have the time or desire to get it all set up as it should be.

Wouldn’t it be Nice to Hand the Work Over to Someone Else?

I feel your pain, as Pinterest can be a time suck, particularly in the beginning when you are setting it up or maybe when you have some boards but they haven’t really been optimized. That’s why I’ve launched my Pinterest Quick Start Package. Read on to see if it’s for you.

Here’s What You Get

New or Existing User

If you are completely new to Pinterest I will set up your profile and create at least 15 boards that fit with your niche and what you want to promote. If you have an existing Pinterest profile I will do an audit of what you have and then get it shipshape. Read on for more details of how.

Bio and Board Descriptions

Your boards need to be optimized and that means researching keywords and including these keywords in your board descriptions. I will rewrite any existing board descriptions or set up all new ones as necessary in terms of what you need to promote.

100 Pins

Once your profile has been audited or set up, and once we have your boards on the right path, I will create 100 pins that promote whatever is the best fit for your business. These could link back to blog posts, products, lead magnets, services, etc.

I will write the titles and pin descriptions after researching the keywords that are a good fit. I will also drip them out over the next 30 days. 

Templates to Take You Forward

Once all the pins have been dripped out I will give you the templates I have used for your specific pins, plus a video of how to use them, so that you can move forward and just focus on the pinning.

Sound Good?

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