New Year Planning Workshop

Join us for this New Year Planning Workshop and together we are going to map out our goals, create our marketing steps and get clear on our income strategy for the year ahead.

We are going to review 2023, look ahead to 2024, journal, set our intentions, and plan our action steps for 2024 all within this 90-minute live call. It will also be recorded for those not able to come along on the day.

Whatever your kind of business – whether you sell products or services, have a blog to promote or are exploring a range of side hustles – this workshop is for you.

Here’s What’s Included

Review 2023 to see what worked well and what changes we can make to ensure 2024 is even better.
Decide on our income and business goals for 2024. Even if you are new to generating income online or you want to experiment with some side hustles, this will help you plan.
Look at what options are open to you for additional income streams.
Decide on the core areas you will need for marketing.
We will have space for guided journalling, so you can get clear on your intentions.
Included is a planning workbook so you can check in with your goals monthly, plus it will help keep you on track.
Optional, additional accountability mastermind throughout the year.

Plus, Some Bonuses

Two giveaways will be included in the Masterclass, with anyone signing up having the chance to win either of these prizes.
Popup Facebook group available to everyone until the end of January, and for the accountability Mastermind people until the end of 2024.


Hi, I'm Alison Wood

and I’ve been growing a business online and helping clients with their marketing, content and tech for over 11 years.

I wanted to create this event as a way to help you set out on the right foot in 2024. We can only reach our destination if we know where we are headed. Come along and create your goals for 2024 so you know the route to your destination! 

There Are 2 Options to Join Us

You can join us for January’s New Year Planning Workshop Only. This gives you access to everything outlined above, apart from the ongoing accountability.

Or, sign up for the ongoing accountability Mastermind. We meet every two months to ensure you stay on track with your goals throughout 2024. In these live Zoom calls, we do a check-in on where everyone is, plus it’s a space for you to explore anything you are struggling with and to celebrate anything that’s gone well. If you want 2024 to be the year that you really stay in touch with what you want to achieve, this small group is what you need.

Join us for the New Year Planning Workshop – January 4th 2024

Join us for the January New Year Planning Workshop, plus 6 additional Mastermind Zoom calls throughout the year to keep you on track.

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