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Learn how to use the 5 Key Principles to grow your traffic and consistently make more sales.

I often hear people who are trying to build an online business say they feel hopelessly lost in a fog – that is, they have too much on their To-Do list and don’t know what’s going to work and what’s not.

The truth is – it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

After building a thriving business from the ground up the most important thing I’ve learned is to always keep the KISS principle in focus.

Yes, that one – the Keep It Simple Stupid principle.

Believe me, I’ve stumbled and fallen and each time it was because I over-complicated things, I took my eye off the KISS principle. The truth is there are just a few pieces of the success puzzle you need to put in place and then consistently build on them.

Are you feeling lost in that fog of uncertainty?

Then Momentum is the right place for you. We will work together as a group supporting each other so that everyone learns what marketing steps are needed in order to grow targeted audiences that want what you are selling.

Why A Membership?

Easy Access

Over the last couple of years I have created a number of courses designed to help people understand the essential elements they need to grow and market their business online. However, I also want to connect with people who don’t have the time or resources to take a course. So, I’ve developed Momentum as a members only learning program that includes, along with much more, a wealth of valuable content for a small monthly amount.

Saves Time

Because busy people like you don’t have time to study over tons of material I have cut to the heart of what really matters. This means your Momentum membership will give you the information you need to move your online business forward, without all the fluff.

Always Relevant

One key part of learning to promote your online business is ensuring that the information and resources you use are current – things move fast online and you have to be up-to-date to be effective. By receiving my content in a membership setting, you are assured of getting the most up-to-date resources.

Momentum members will be focused on the following
5 key areas:

Your Website & Blogging

Your Mindset & Productivity

Growing Your Mailing List

Additional Income Streams

Social Media & Other Promotion


Plus Direct Support and Q&A

Here’s What’s Included

Monthly Training

Each month there will be 2 new training modules uploaded to the site. This will be in-depth training on a current marketing or revenue-generating aspect so you can apply it directly to your business. Some will be Facebook lives, others video, audio and text based material.

Live Call

Every month one of these training modules will be held live – this session will be related to one of the five core subjects of the membership. This session will also include a Q&A section. These will also be recorded and everything will be stored in the site so you can refer back to them at any time.

Regular Challenges

We will hold regular challenges, these will help you to get more active in promoting your business and they will relate to social media, blogging etc


There will be a focus in the membership site on mindset and those issues related to running a business – issues which can be difficult when you feel very much on your own at the helm of your ship. The membership is a place for support.

Private Group

A members-only private Facebook group. Here you can connect with me direct for support and you can network with other business owners and help share each other’s work. Online community is a powerful thing. 

How Will I Receive This Information?

You will receive an email when new content is added to keep you on track.

The live training will be delivered via webinar or Facebook Lives and recorded for those who aren’t able to make the calls. There will also be screen-share videos, audio training and downloadable pdf training material.

We have a private members-only Facebook group where you can ask additional questions and network with fellow members.

Who Is a Momentum Membership For?

It’s for you if you are ready to take action on growing your business.

Does a membership in Momentum sound like it’s right for you?

It’s fast and easy to enrol below. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time prior to your next renewal date. You will receive immediate member access as soon as you sign up.

Momentum is a great business resource. Alison has a very detailed knowledge of how to run a successful business and shares this in an easy to implement way. Being a member and part of a community builds a feeling of trust and support. It has also given me the confidence to drive my business forward, knowing I have someone there to help along the way.”

Gaynor Marshall

As a new (and very bewildered) online business owner, I have found the tutorials to be very informative and have learnt loads of great tips! Would highly recommend signing up. Alison Wood is also incredibly responsive and very helpful.”

Karen D

Ready To Say Goodbye to Marketing Confusion?

Stop going round in circles, second-guessing yourself and wondering what you should do next. Instead get access to training material which can keep your business moving forward.

Full Terms & Conditions Can Be Found Here.

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