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Most of us are good at making a commitment to others, whether as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, daughters, sons, friends or even as employees. We recognise what others need from us and most of the time we are pretty good at providing it. Life is busy, fun, loud, demanding and even stressful at times, but we keep moving forward.

Today I want to ask you to stop just for a second and think about where you are in the middle of all that noise.

Life often rushes past so fast that if we aren’t careful we can forget to make time for the things that really matter to us. I know that when I was working a corporate job I felt there was literally no time for anything else. It was a constant round of get up and go to work, get home late, watch a little TV, sleep and at the weekend I would catch up with chores and maybe, just maybe, have some sort of social life.

Was I in any way doing what was really important to me?

Sadly the answer was no, and it was only when I committed to doing what was important (to me) that things started to change. At the beginning I literally had to carve out time for my priorities. I had to stop watching TV, I even stopped reading fiction for a while (and I love to read!) in order to make room for my life to take a different course. I prioritised making working for myself a reality and gradually I stepped into it full time. Now, my priorities have evolved and I constantly have to check in to ensure I am on track with the bigger picture of where I want my life to take me. Making a commitment to yourself never ends, it’s an ongoing process.

Did this change to a new path happen all at once? No, it certainly didn’t.

It started with planning in the park during my work lunch breaks. It started with sitting down for an hour in the evening and working on learning the tech of building websites; actually writing the content; and promoting what I was creating through social media. It happened in little chunks of time. Ten minutes here, an hour or two there.

I know that you too have something  you have always wanted to do. Maybe it’s to create a blog; write a novel; sell your lovingly created handcrafted products; learn to paint watercolours; plan your trip around the world; or anything your heart desires.

Make a commitment today to get started on it.

Make a commitment to yourself that you will set a timer for 25 minutes and actually get started.

The first day you might do some research, the second you might journal about what you want to achieve, the third day you might book a class, the fourth you might get down to writing or creating or studying. The point is you will be on your way.

In the swirl of life it’s easy to forget that time is counting down, that we aren’t here forever. That’s not to look at things pessimistically, but rather urging us to act sooner rather than later.

Every day let’s make a commitment to ourselves to do those things that truly make us happy. Not things that make other people happy (you already do those things) but things that light us up as individuals.

I would love to hear in the comments what you are committing to while that 25 minute timer is running.

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