Keywords for Profit 

Finding keywords that can help you rank in the search engines is vital if you want to profit from your website or blog.

Finding good keywords doesn’t need to be mysterious, frightening or challenging – and in the two webinars I have coming up I’m going to walk you through the process – and find keywords for you that you can use on your site.

Watch the video for a concrete example of how I found a keyword, used it on my site, and earned income on it within 7 days.

Imagine if every time you wrote a blog post you knew that you were giving yourself the best chance possible to grow your audience. And not just for today, but for years to come. A blog post that you write today can still be earning income 5 or 10 years from today. I know because mine have.

Here’s What We Are Going to Cover in These Webinars


Webinar 1

This will walk you through the whole process of finding keywords step-by-step.  I will show you how I come up with broad topics, how to research the keywords you have a good chance of ranking for, how I use those keywords in blog posts and how I track them to see how they perform. I will also walk you through the buyer intent of keywords and how you can choose ones that are likely to make more sales.


Webinar 2

During webinar 2 I will actually find keywords for you, that you can use in your blogs. Ahead of the webinar, I will ask you for 3 topics. During the call, I will show how I research those topics and narrow them down to a list of keywords. If we don’t get through everyone’s list I will send them to you after the call. However, you will learn a lot from the process, whether it’s your keywords or someone else’s.

At the end of the first webinar, you will have a clear picture of what you need to do and you will be ready to get started finding keywords for your blog. If you also come along to webinar 2 you will have a list of at least 20 keywords to start using on your site.


  • 21 days email support from the date of the webinar so you can message me with questions direct.
  • Plus, a get-started checklist that you can use to guide you through the process of finding and using keywords.
  • The webinar/s will be recorded and you will be sent access to watch whenever you wish.

Ready to Join Me? 

The first webinar will take place on Friday 2nd June at 11 AM EST / 4 PM UK. The second on Friday 9th June at 11 AM EST / 4 PM UK. You can choose to attend the first webinar or both. You will also be sent the recordings of one or both, depending which package you choose.

Purchase Just Webinar 1 – walkthrough of the complete process of finding and using keywords. You also get access to a recording of webinar one and the checklist so you can get started fast.

Purchase Access to Both Webinars – the first will give you the step by step. The second will demonstrate examples and you will have access to your own list of at least 20 keywords you can use on your blog.

If you attend webinar 2 you can send me the topics in confidence. I will use them on the call, but your name or website will not be revealed unless you wish it to be. Also, your final list of 20+ keywords will be confidentially sent to you.

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