Instagram Stories 101

How to Use Stories to Grow Your Business

With over half a billion people watching them every day, you know Instagram stories are a great way to grow the audience for your products and services. However, you might also have been put off getting started because it seems confusing from a tech perspective, or you are just not sure what to share.

In Instagram Stories 101 I am going to provide solutions for both of those worries – so that you can get your products and services in front of more people – while also having fun.

I run a number of Instagram profiles – in a wide variety of niches, and I know that  Instagram stories are always what I watch first – before I turn to the feed. If I am doing that, you can bet others are too. In fact in many online polls I have seen on whether people prefer stories or the feed, the vast majority vote stories.

You don’t want to miss out on all those potential customers, but I also know many people are concerned about the fleeting aspect of stories – lasting only 24 hours. I have you covered there too as we are going to share your best content through the story highlights, where they will stay forever (or at least until you want to change them ☺).

What’s In This Course?


Step By Step to Using Stories: All the different parts of using stories will be broken down into short screen-share videos – so it’s super easy to get started or enhance your current use of storiesThese are filmed on a phone, so it’s clear how to implement the steps when you are doing it yourself.

How to Make Your Stories Look Great: We will look at all the individual built-in effects you can use to make your stories stand out, plus I will share a few apps which can take your visuals further.

Story Highlights: These are what stay on your profile for as long as you want them there. The trick is to niche them down so people can learn much more about you, your products and your stories. We will talk through the content to add there as well as the process, so you are ready to get started.

Content, Content, Content: But what should I actually add? You might ask! The good news is there is so much content you have already, even without having to create anything new. I give you a list of ideas so you will never run out of things to add.

Save Time:  You don’t need to spend a lot of time on stories to make them worthwhile – plus it’s content you can automatically share across to Facebook stories, something the platform is going to be giving more weighting to going forward.

How Will This Course Be Run?

The course comprises: Audios, videos and supporting worksheets.


Private Facebook group where you can network with others and ask me questions.


You have lifetime access to the course so can revisit it at any time.


Who Is This Course For?

Whether you are completely new to Instagram or are a seasoned user and want to enhance your use of stories, this course is for you.

As well as the practicalities of using stories we are going to look at how it can work for your business to bring in new customers.


Ready to Join Us?

The courses is live now. Sign up below and the content will start dripping out to you over 7 days. At the end of that time you will have access to the full course. 

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