Sell More November

30 Days and 30 Ways to Promote Your Business

November is one of the busiest months in terms of sales ahead of the holiday season. If you want to make the most of it, it’s important to be taking daily steps to market your products or services.

Whether you sell your own products or those of affiliates, if you take the right steps now it can help you to have a much more successful final quarter of the year. Can I guarantee you will make more profit? Naturally no, it’s ultimately down to you to do the work – but what I can offer are simple marketing and sales steps you can take daily. 

It’s amazing how fast the month can fly by without you even realizing it. Do you know why most people don’t sell more? Is it because their offerings are not as good? No, it’s simply because they ask for the sale less often. Don’t let that happen to you this holiday season.

How Will Sell More November Work?

Every day during November you will receive a prompt via email to take a marketing or sales action. This is all about raising your visibility during this busy season.
In the run-up to the start of the challenge. I will be sending out a checklist to help you prepare, so you have all your ducks in a row before we get started.
Private Facebook group where you can ask questions and most importantly where we can help share each other's products and services. I will be re-pinning and sharing everything you want to promote ☺
At the end of the challenge you will receive a pdf of all the actions we have taken during the 30 days - that way you can revisit them and turn every month into a sale generating one!

It’s Time to Register

I have made this super low cost, even though it’s packed with information, as I want as many people as possible to make more sales this holiday season. As soon as you register you will be sent access to the group and some early training will be heading your way.

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