Therapist-Proven, Confidential, Parent Training To Help You And Your Teen Get Life-Lasting Results In 10 Weeks Or Less

Every day I speak with parents who are struggling with their kids.

Teen anxiety is at record high levels and continues to be on the rise, yet most people don’t know how to manage it except for medication.

Hi, I’m Gina Nelson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified EMDR Therapist, and the Creator of Combating Teen Anxiety.  

I’m also a mother of 3 adult children, and for 25 years I’ve been helping parents learn proven and effective strategies to help their teens manage anxiety symptoms like angry outbursts, upset stomach, racing heart rate, panic, obsessive thoughts, tantrums and meltdowns.  My method also helps to improve performance in school and social settings without medicating.

“In working with Gina, I have progressed in many different ways. I have learned how to recognize and reduce my anxiety and respond in a way that significantly helps me.”

– Emery H. (teen)

Have you noticed it’s been a harder struggle than most to get your teen to open up, share their challenges or manage their emotions?

Maybe they complain about not fitting in, compare themself to others, express anxiety in social settings or isolate and withdraw into their own world more than shared experiences with others?

The heightened political and societal climate that teens are dealing with today has created an increased fear of expressing their opinions, compounded with anxiety about school, college, and making the wrong career choice, and this social pressure has created added stress about disappointing themselves… and you.

So how do you know if it’s just normal teen rebellion that your teen is throwing at you, that they will eventually outgrow, or if it’s something more serious? 

Common red flag indicators of needing professional support can be when teens are struggling with consistent patterns of anxiety, depression, irritability, or anger. So I’m not talking about just one heated moment or a meltdown once a year. 

If you are like most parents that come to me looking for help, you are probably tired of reading self-help books or listening to podcasts and getting advice from people that just don’t understand. You also might feel hopeful that this is a phase and things will one day just get better. But deep down inside there’s a tiny voice saying, but what if it doesn’t? How do I help them prepare for the real world? Where is the manual on how to help my anxious kid grow into a healthy, contributing adult?

If this sounds like you, I can tell you as an expert in this field that you are truly not alone.

“I never would have thought I needed therapy tools, but through Gina’s practice I was able to recognize why I had negative thoughts and where they were stemming from! Now I can easily say that Gina has shown me how to care for myself in ways I never knew I needed.

– Katelyn F. (college student)

As a therapist, I keep seeing a pattern emerging of more and more teens struggling with not fitting in, not meeting expectations, being critical of themselves, and too ashamed to talk about any of it.

Unfortunately, they would tend to overgeneralize the use of the term “anxiety”, and often throw it out as a crutch to avoid their feelings. The kids just say, “I’m anxious” and then the parents don’t really understand what is meant by that – and so they struggle with how to help. 

Often young adults come to me that grew up in these environments and they are really struggling with not only anxiety but also shame that becomes their shadow as an adult.

It’s a tough world because of social media, mean girls as friend groups, expectations for clothes they wear, how they dress, how smart they are. And any teen who doesn’t feel good enough in any of these areas starts demonstrating anxiety.

They start to withdraw in a downward spiral because they don’t know how to deal with those yucky feelings.  

Something common I also see, is that anxious parents can at times be the cause of anxious teens. 

Do you allow yourself downtime? Are you able to model having downtime for your teen? Is your kid’s schedule so full that there is no time for rest, play, laughter, and calm?

For example, a teen comes home, exhausted from school, they want to veg and relax in front of the TV. Then a parent comes home – the parent doesn’t rest. The parent feels you must be producing and be productive at all times- lack of downtime can often lead to anxiety.

As a therapist, I keep seeing a pattern emerging of more and more teens struggling with not fitting in, not meeting expectations, being critical of themselves, and too ashamed to talk about any of it.

And as I was putting more and more of these tools together, it was like a lightbulb went off and I thought… What if parents could start role modeling behaviors that allow teens to learn resilience, self- compassion, and self-confidence? 

So, I took all my knowledge of family dynamics, conflict resolution, mood management, healthy coping strategies, healing shame, developing resilience, building self-esteem and an authentic voice, and I created a roadmap to help parents and teens to walk through the tough times together. 

After fine-tuning the process and continuing to see incredible results with private clients that are eager to pay my highest rates to see me frequently, my schedule has filled up and I’ve decided it’s time to make my proven system more affordable and accessible. 

So I’ve taken the best of everything I’ve developed to help teens and their parents over the last 25 years and created a home study program called Combating Teen Anxiety.

Here’s My Exact 10-Step Process to Combating Teen Anxiety

Step 1 Know Your Values In A Meltdown

Step 2 Mindset Matters

Step 3 Achievement & Setting Expectations

Step 4 Regulating Your Nervous System

Step 5 Having the Difficult Conversations

Step 6 Talking About Sex

Step 7 Shame & Negative Beliefs

Step 8 Replacing Unhealthy Habits

Step 9 The Art Of Letting Go

Step 10 Owning Your Authenticity

“I went to Gina to deal with my anxiety and it has changed my life.  One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Gina is kind, empathetic and an incredible guide through difficult emotional terrain.”

– Mike M.   

The reason that I’m so passionate about this work, and have developed the Combating Teen Anxiety System, is not just because of my path as a therapist, helping hundreds of parents, teens, and families transform their lives around anxiety, but also because…

I’ve Actually Lived It Myself.

I understand the thoughts, feelings, anxiety and the shame as an anxious teen, and also as a parent dealing with anxious teens.

As a teen, I put a ton of stress on myself to get straight A’s and still struggled to feel good enough. I felt alone and scared, and I didn’t think anyone could ever understand what was happening to me. It didn’t feel safe to discuss my feelings with my mother – we had a strained relationship – so I was left stuffing down my emotions until my college years. And for a while, it seemed like it worked. I had a graduate degree and a successful career. For a short while, everything seemed great.

When I married into a blended family and later had kids, I wanted so badly to have a very different relationship with them than I had with my mom.

As my 3 kids became teenagers, it wasn’t just my anxiety, at times there was also their anxiety, and as life got more chaotic, I felt like I was carrying the whole thing all alone. 

At times I got so reactive I didn’t even recognize myself- I felt like the mom I tried so desperately NOT to be. My need to have it all together kept me focused on my To-Do List rather than allowing me to be present with my kids.

As a trained therapist, I started to realize that in order to help my kids connect with their emotions and feel safe talking with me; I had to change some things about my own temperament.

So I learned how to transform my anger, resentment, and anxiety that was fueled by my own fear of what other people would think if they knew all of our story.  I started to lean into my emotions and stopped using my never ending To-Do lists to avoid feeling my anxiety.  I acknowledged and began asking for what I needed. I admitted to myself and others that neither my family nor I was perfect, and guess what…the more I leaned into discomfort, the more freedom from anxiety I felt.  

As my own mood shifted, I started to see my kids relax too.  They stopped fearing my expectations and frenetic energy that masked my anxiety.  They also stopped fearing they were disappointing me and began feeling safe to be themselves.  When I allowed them to see my imperfection, they were more capable of getting vulnerable about their emotions, which deepened our connection and my ability to help them. 

As my kids lived in their own authenticity, their anxiety started to melt away. Ultimately, our entire family dynamic shifted, and our bonds deepened as a connected family – I couldn’t be more proud of how each of my kids (now young adults!)  have launched into the world!

I’ve poured the very best of all my resources, tools and training from over two decades of working with parents and teens into this online training program to help you with Combating Teen Anxiety.


Here’s How The Program Will Help You And Your Teen: 

You will have immediate access to all the training modules in the 10-Step Combating Teen Anxiety Process. So you can go to the module you most need at the moment, or as I highly suggest, go through each module step-by-step for the most transformative, lasting results.

Each of the ten training sessions includes about 90 minutes of high-definition videos, downloadable worksheets to integrate the material into your life, and audio MP3 resources to best support your process. You can weave the material into your everyday living, on your own time, and as it’s most convenient to you.

This is a confidential program, and your participation will remain anonymous. You can work through the modules at your own pace, and you can invite your teen to join you for some, part, or all of the training. You will have access to return to any part of the program you want as a refresher, as many times as you like, so you have continuous support when you most need it.

Here’s A Sample Of What You Will Learn In Each Module:

Module 1: Know Your Values In A Meltdown

You will learn how to:

  • Identify your teen’s most mood calming values (these are often hidden or come as a surprise to parents)

  • Help your teen feel more comfortable using their voice to express their needs calmly, and feel heard
  • Create an environment where your teen doesn’t misunderstand your intentions (which can otherwise lead to a rebellious nature) 

Module 2: Mindset Matters

You will learn how to:

  • Teach your teen to slow down their anxiety and find ways to calm their racing emotions and thoughts


  • Create time for a special morning process that will help your teen combat any negative thought that wanders into their mind


  • Work with three specific focus areas your teen wants to improve on such as anxiety management, school, and relationships, so that you can help them track progress they might overlook while putting too much emphasis on what didn’t go well

Module 3: Achievement & Setting Expectations

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize verbal and nonverbal responses that cause each of you to feel attacked or judged, so that you can become more supportive in your responses, and communicate less defensively (this will work for ALL of your relationships!)

  • Create safety around your teen’s fear of what other people think, and the impact this has on their anxiety. So that you can openly address these fears and help them feel less afraid and alone


  • Courageously express vulnerable emotions around expectations so that you can reduce your teen’s anxiety and give them a better sense of control over their choices

Module 4: Regulate Your Nervous System

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize your teen’s body sensations, emotions and thoughts that show up when they’re anxious so that you can help them slow down their spiraling thoughts before it gets out of hand

  • Identify your own emotional triggers and manage your responses so that your teen is less reactive and more able to approach you with their feelings


  • Ask the right questions to get your teen to open up and be less critical of themselves so that they can change their perspective about stressful situations

Module 5: Having the Difficult Conversations

You will learn how to:

  • Manage your body language so that your teen feels comfortable talking about their mistakes and fears

  • Have difficult conversations by using proven phrases to initiate hard topics with your teen, so that these discussions are actually addressed and not just avoided

  • Speak in a way that makes your teen feel open to talk about the real pressures they face that contribute to their anxiety, so that they feel understood and supported unconditionally

Module 6: Talking About Sex

You will learn how to:

  • Discuss gaps and differences in beliefs, perception of media influence, or social norms


  • Cultivate conversations about today’s dating and hook-up culture with your teen so that you can address their concerns, their safety, and ensure they can properly protect themselves


  • Create a safe place to learn about any sexual identity issue or struggle your teen is navigating so that you can begin to educate yourself and be more prepared to support your teen

Module 7: Shame & Negative Beliefs

You will learn how to:

  • Identify key barriers to trust that interfere with you and your teen’s communication about vulnerable subjects so that you can repair any broken links and start building trust back in your relationship

  • Name shame and the negative thoughts that influence your teen’s self-esteem, so that you can help them learn to dissect the untruths and change their perspective about themselves and the situation


  • Help your teen recognize friends they can trust and the behaviors of frenemies that are untrustworthy so that they can set better boundaries and let go of toxic relationships

Module 8: Replacing Unhealthy Habits

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize specific unhealthy patterns so that your teen can choose more productive, healthy strategies

  • Acknowledge go-to behaviors for when your teen feels powerless or out of control so that old patterns can be changed

  • Help your teen understand it’s okay to own their mistakes and learn from them

Module 9: The Art of Letting Go

You will learn how to:

  • Set new boundaries and establish healthier patterns of engaging with difficult family members

  • Practice releasing the burden of anger and disappointment so that your teen recognizes they have the power of choose what they hold on to and what they let go of

  • Acknowledge the importance of grief or unmet expectations so that you both can work through any feelings to tighten your bond

Module 10: Own Your Authenticity

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a gratitude practice to enhance you and your teen’s experience of joy so you can help model this behavior when your teen starts down a road of negativity

  • Give permission to your teen to let go of blame for situations that they believe lead to their unhappiness by showing them ways to take accountability and action for change instead

  • Review, integrate and celebrate the activities and shifts that you feel will be most helpful to you and your family!

This is just a sample of the life-changing program I’ve put together to help parents and teens deepen their relationship and resolve anxiety. 

Here’s The Full Overview Of The 10-Steps I’ll Teach You In
Combating Teen Anxiety…

Everything you need to know about Combating Teen Anxiety will be at your fingertips. You can get all the materials you need right in your living room, on your laptop, on demand.

How Much Is This Comprehensive Training on Getting Anxious Teens To A Thriving, Happy Place?

Getting help is hard. It can also be expensive. Even an hour a week of psychotherapy is out of many people’s reach because it often goes on for a long time and averages between $700-$1000 a month for a year or more.

If you’ve ever imagined what it’s like to have a therapist specializing in teen anxiety supporting you every step of the way, this course is your chance to experience that.

My Combating Teen Anxiety online course has everything you need to know (which has taken me a couple of decades to piece together) in a 10- module course with video training, audio MP3 guidance, worksheets and my best resources designed to transform your teen’s anxiety. I wanted to make this easy for you, so you can get the support you need to clear anxiety for life-lasting results into healthy adulthood. So for just $750, which is less than the cost of one month of weekly private sessions with me, you will get life-time access to the full 10-module training you need for Combating Teen Anxiety.

Here’s What People Are Saying About My Work

And That’s Not All…

I’ve Got A Few Extra Special Bonuses
I Want to Give You To Celebrate When You Register.

I’ve made these Relaxation and Meditation Technique BONUSES just for you so you’ve got
immediate access to quick and easy ways that calm anxious thoughts and behaviors that
both you and your teen can implement into your daily routine.

My Secret Technique For Meltdowns - Bonus #1

Learn a simple, potent breath and movement technique that immediately stops your brain from being able to think about what you are stressing about so that you can get back to a calmer, more productive state. This is a client favorite!

The Stress Protector - Bonus #2

Learn a visualization technique that gives you a place to put your stress and anxiety so that it doesn’t overwhelm you or get you stuck, while also giving you access to deal with the issues when you are ready and in a better place to manage them.

Your Secret Hideaway - Bonus #3

You’ll receive a visualization that allows you to access your happy, calm place within 30 seconds.

This is a very powerful tool that is especially helpful for people that are feeling alone and like they don’t have friends they feel comfortable reaching out to when struggling.

Lifetime Access - Bonus #4

You will have access to all these resources, whether streaming to your laptop or phone, so you can  just press play to have me help you navigate your cravings and feelings 24/7. You’ll have access to the entire Combating Teen Anxiety program and all the course materials so you can go back and review any part of the program whenever you need an extra boost. For yourself, your anxious teen, or other family members. This is priceless.

Payment Options

Here’s What Happens When You Sign Up

You’ll get instant access to all the training modules, which includes videos, audios and downloadable worksheets for you to complete in the comfort of your own home, at a time that works best for you. Each module takes around 60-90 minutes to complete, so you can do a module a week or go at your own pace. 

You can complete the modules on your own or go through them with your teen. After the program completes, you will have access to return to any part of the program you want to as a refresher, as many times as you like.

All you need to do is work through the material of each module and commit to the very short practices.

Imagine finally receiving all the training as a parent that most parents never get. Going through this process not only breaks unhealthy automatic habitual patterns we learned unconsciously, but replaces them with behaviors that will completely transform your teen. Allowing them to slow down their anxious thoughts, and having the vocabulary to express themselves to you and others, as their own confidence and self-esteem has a growth spurt that prepares them for adulthood and the rest of their lives. 

You, Your Teen, And Your Family
Don’t Have To Suffer Anymore

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