Free WordPress Webinar

This live webinar will show you easy ways to improve the security, functionality and marketing power of your WordPress website.

If you use WordPress for your business or blog I want to ask you 2 questions:

1. Are you keeping it secure and ensuring that you aren’t placing this valuable business asset at risk?

2. Are you using all the functionality of your site and making sure it’s performing at its best as a marketing tool for your business?

If you answered no to either of those questions then sign up for my free webinar. It will be held live on Tuesday 23rd May at 3 pm UK / 10 am EST. There will also be a recording for those who aren’t able to come along on the day.

I won’t confuse you with tech talk on this call. I’m someone who learned these skills from the ground up, so I can outline what you need to know in words that people who don’t have a programming degree can understand! ☺

Here’s What We Are Going to Cover


Your website or blog is a valuable asset, ensure you are keeping it as secure as possible by following some easy steps I will outline during the call.


There are some simple housekeeping tasks that need to be done on your WordPress site regularly. I walk through these so you don’t miss anything that could cause you issues later.


Sometimes it’s good to get fresh eyes on your site, and to look at it in a new way. I’m going to outline some of the mistakes you may be making on your site and give you some tips to help your website visitor have a better experience.

Marketing Tool

Your website can be enhanced in many ways to help grow your audience and to bring you more clients or customers. We are going to look at these.


  • Q&A on the day. Have a WordPress question? Come along and ask.
  • Plus, after the webinar, you will receive a checklist that outlines all the info I cover in the call.
  • The webinar will be recorded and you will be sent access to watch afterwards.

Ready to Join Me? 

This webinar is going to be jam-packed with information that you can actually use. WordPress is such a great platform and I want to make sure as many people as possible are using it effectively.

The webinar takes place on Tuesday 23rd  May at 3 PM UK / 10 AM EST. It will also be recorded and you will be sent access after the call.

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