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I wrote in my last post about making sure that if there is something you want to do – whether it’s growing your business, writing a book, or getting creative – that you take steps to do that thing NOW.

Today I want to move forward a little and talk about what happens when you have that business up and running; you have written a book; or created something new and now you want to get it out into the world. This I find is the point where some people start to lose their way a little. They forget to be kind to themselves, they forget to be proud of what they have achieved and they start to panic about slow sales or feel lost in a mire of confusion about just what they need to do next.

This is where I found myself at the start of my business. I could set up a website ok, I could blog ok but I couldn’t at first seem to fit together the other two pieces of the puzzle – in fact I didn’t even know what those two pieces were. In case you are wondering they are building a mailing list and ‘promotion, promotion, promotion’!

It was only after I started to get very consistent with creating content, building my list and telling the world about what I had that things started to move forward.

How many foundation pieces of your business – website, mailing list & funnel and effective set up of social media – do you have in place? Then the bigger question, what steps are you taking EVERY DAY  on those three areas to move you forward? It is about consistency, it is about being so passionate about what you want to do that you won’t give up or give in, and believe me, sometimes you might want to.

I will give you an example of that from my own life. This morning I filmed a video of me talking to camera telling you basically what I am writing about in this post now. I don’t mind talking live, but what I don’t like is seeing myself on film. I hated how the video looked, how I looked and ultimately I didn’t have enough confidence to put it out there. I literally cried tears of frustration over how I felt about it. At that moment I felt like just sitting down for the rest of the day and sulking.

But you know what, I didn’t do that. I sucked it up and I thought instead I will just write what I need to say. I’m still getting the message out there – and luckily for you all you don’t need to actually look at me while I spread that message 😉 Will I do a video in the future? Maybe. But even if not I won’t give up on what I want to do. I love to write, I love to teach people how to do things and I will do that in some shape or form.

So if you don’t like doing something, find the way that’s comfortable for you. If you don’t like your voice being heard, then write. If you don’t like writing then record videos or create images. We don’t all have to do things the same way and it would be a very boring world if we were all identical.

However, what you do need to put in place is those non-complicated steps that I talked about earlier. You need a home base for your business – a blog or website. You need to build a mailing list so that you can keep in touch with your audience and you need to spread your message (in whatever format you want to) across social media and all the other places you can promote your business.

Really don’t make it any more complicated than that. I did for a long time but when I boiled it down to basics I started to get traction.

My final point is have faith in yourself – even when you feel like things aren’t working – hold on to what you want to do, what you feel called to do. I’m a very non-confident person and I spent over 40 years of my life allowing myself to feel non-confident. I won’t do that any more, even when I fail, even when I don’t feel good enough, I will carry on. You must too because just the fact that you want to create or that you have a message that you want to spread, means that you are more than good enough. Our mind is a tricksy thing – it wants to keep us safe so it feeds us messages to keep us where we are. It makes us believe that writing a blog post or setting up a mailing list is beyond our reach, it says ‘you can’t write a book or create a piece of art and even if you could no-one would be interested’, it tells us we are too old, too young, too thin, too fat, that we don’t have enough willpower or we are too full on. It tells us to damp down our enthusiasm, to play nice and not to rock the boat.

It tells us all these things because of the messages we received growing up about what was possible and what was not. But what your mind is telling you ‘can’t be done’, someone else’s mind is telling them ‘that’s easy’ and they go out and do it. It’s all subjective. So let’s move forward together, giving each other encouragement along the way – reaching out and letting that person know online or in real-life that what they did was amazing – because it was. What you do is amazing too. Don’t stop doing it, don’t make it so complicated and as I said at the end of my last post, don’t ever stop having fun.

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