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All of us can experience that dreaded feeling of ‘not feeling good enough‘ from time to time. Some of us battle with it every day. However, it is worth the battle. You have something you want to put out into the world and it does have value.

Let’s look at five ways this feeling can rear it’s head and how to deal with it.

1. People Aren’t Going to Like What I Have Created.

Whether we are creating a physical product, such as something handmade, or we are writing about a topic in a blog post or in an online course, we can start to doubt ourselves. Even sitting here writing this I am thinking to myself, ‘but are people going to like it, are they going to get value from it?

The problem is not so much in thinking these thoughts, the problem arises if we give in to them and either never complete what we set out to create or if we finish it and then never let anyone see it.

One way to deal with this is just to accept that you are going to feel this way – in some ways it’s natural – but then carry on and finish what you are doing and then hit publish or put it up for sale.

Sometimes fighting the feeling is worse than just accepting it is there and carrying on regardless. In the words of Jung ‘what you resist persists‘. So don’t expend any energy trying to convince yourself you are good enough. Just accept that at the moment you are scared and you doubt yourself. But know that you are going to achieve your goal anyway, and as you achieve more and more goals that doubt will lessen. However, it may not ever go away completely, and maybe that is ok.

2. I’m Going to Work on This Until I Get it Perfect.

This one is really a continuation from the first point. We seek to eternally make something perfect because we worry that it’s not good enough.

The only solution to this is to get whatever you want launched and then tweak from there. First, because if it isn’t launched it is doing you absolutely no good whatsoever. Second, because nothing is ever 100% perfect until you see how it performs and then you will need to make adjustments on the fly.

So when you are creating your first website, blog post, newsletter or sales page, don’t make changes forever – get it as good as you can right now and then know there is no pass or fail mark, you have all the time you need to improve it when it’s live.

3. Everyone Has Already Said What I Want to Say.

This is a big one. When we look around to decide what we want to say on social media, in a blog post or even in an online course it can seem like what we want to say has already been said many times over.

As the saying goes ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’ and what is true is that most subjects will have been tackled before. However, what they won’t include is your own unique voice and the personal experience you have. That’s why it’s important to always be yourself in your business. You have a great deal to offer and all you can bring to a subject – which is totally unique – is yourself.

4. There Is Already Free Content Out There So Why Would Someone Pay?

YouTube and blogs are packed with free content so why, you ask, would someone want to pay for what you can offer. Again it goes back to your unique experience and voice that you will be bringing to the subject.

However, it’s also about the fact that many people will pay for content which is packaged up and delivered to them in an easily digestible way. Yes they could search 50 different sites for the information they need or they could read your ebook or take your course which walks them through the subject step by step and which includes well-structured, done-well content.

5. Someone Said Something Negative About Me/My Work.

None of us like to read something negative about ourselves, or to get a bad review on Amazon or Etsy. It hurts, sometimes really hurts and again it can throw us back into that cycle of not feeling good enough.

However,  we will also receive nice comments and positive feedback about ourselves and if we believe the bad, then don’t we need to also believe the good? And then which side triumphs in that scenario – are we really good or are we really bad at something? Everyone has an opinion and it’s important not to get too caught up in what other people think of us.  Yes a bad comment/review will sting – don’t pretend it doesn’t – but don’t let it derail you.

The truth is that people say good and bad things about us in all walks of life – maybe in our personal lives – maybe at work – it’s just that it is far less visible than on the internet. But we don’t let those people deter us from living our lives, because that would mean you are letting that person’s opinion be more important than your own and how you choose to live your life should always be driven by what’s in your heart, not what other people think.

So accept the bad comment. Take anything constructive from it and then move on. After all, even people at the very top of their field get negative comments, but they never let it stop them.

I hope these five ways to deal with not feeling good enough help as you progress through your business. I will be revisiting it often when I too start to feel the same way. We won’t let these negative thoughts stop us though because life is short and what we have to share is too valuable to be kept quiet.

If you want to explore this further, then you can find out more about my book Unstoppable here.

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