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As I wrote over on social media earlier this week, in some tips to live by, building a business is hard!

So hard in fact that we really do need all the help we can get. However, while building a business can be hard, what these authors show us is that it can also be wonderful if we have the right approach. The key is our mindset. 

All these books I have read and loved. They are in my little Kindle library and they are the ones I return to time and time again. Not all of them will appeal to everyone, but try at least one or two and I promise you will find so many nuggets of wisdom.

Gay Hendricks

I recommend ‘The Big Leap‘ all the time, because it is so good. It’s billed as helping you to overcome your fears and take life to the next level. And it is about that, but it’s also about finding your strengths and making sure that you work within your ‘zone of excellence’. Once you do that, life stops becoming such a struggle because you are working to your strengths, instead of trying to improve your weaknesses.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

I love Denise’s videos, Bootcamp and her books. Her focus is very much on money mindset and all the fears and blocks that come along with our desire to build a business. ‘Get Rich Lucky Bitch‘ explores these money blocks, how we came by them and how to release them. ‘Chillpreneur‘ goes on to explore how to take the path of least resistance in your business – yes, she helps you to make it not so hard!

Jen Sincero

You are a Badass‘ and ‘Your Are a Badass at Making Money‘ are all about giving you a kick up the proverbial to bring your confidence to the surface and to believe in yourself. I would start with the first one as this book really put me on a high after reading it – word of warning though, if you don’t like swearing these aren’t for you.

Amber Rae

If you are stuck with that little niggling voice in your head that always makes you doubt yourself and who are you to achieve anything, then ‘Choose Wonder Over Worry‘ is a great read. As it says on the blurb for this book:

WONDER is what we’re born with.
WORRY is what we learn.

Finally, 4 more books I love and will always recommend. These are a bit of a mixture, but hopefully you will find something that appeals to you. 

Let me know if you have read any of these – and what you thought? Or maybe, you have been inspired to pick one up. If so, share with us which one.

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