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Today I have three fab tips which will help you make the most of your Instagram updates.

1 Research Hashtags

You want to use hashtags which will help you to get discovered by new people. The easiest way to see what’s working is to head to the profiles of your competitors, or others in your niche, and see what hashtags they are using. Make sure you use ones where the person has a lot of likes/comments so you know the hashtag is a viable one.

Create a master list of hashtags which you can then draw upon, but only use a selection of these on each post – and make sure they are relevant to the post. Instagram can penalise you if you just use one big list over and over again, plus it probably isn’t helping your audience find highly relevant posts.

2 Get a Business Account

Make sure you switch your Instagram account over from a personal one to a business one. This way you can get lots of info about the demographics of your audience, when they are most active, plus much more.

Just head to edit profile and choose Instagram business account to get started. Once you have switched over you will see a bar chart appear at the top of your profile – click this at any point to get the insights and analytics. Quite fascinating!

3 Add a Better Link

It can be frustrating to only have one clickable link on Instagram, but if you make it a Linktree link you can provide your followers with way more info about you. You set up a free account and this houses all the info you want to share with people.  (There is a pro account too with a few extra options). Then once you have set up your link, you simply add it to your profile on Instagram.

I love this idea, because the great thing is you can easily change it up whenever you need to. Have a new course, book or product going live? Then simply add a new link to Linktree.

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