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Convertkit Vs Mailchimp: Why The Choice Was Easy

Mailchimp has recently changed its pricing structure and therefore I thought now is the perfect opportunity to examine Convertkit vs Mailchimp; and to dive deep into the real differences between the two platforms. While you can still get an account for free with...

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4 Mindset Authors Who Can Help You Build Your Business

As I wrote over on social media earlier this week, in some tips to live by, building a business is hard! So hard in fact that we really do need all the help we can get. However, while building a business can be hard, what these authors show us is that it can also be...

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What’s a Lead Magnet and Why Do I Need One?

Simply put a 'Lead Magnet' is something you give away, in exchange for someone giving you their email address and signing up to your mailing list. It can take many forms: a written pdf; access to a video or audio; a short course delivered by email; a checklist; or...

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How To Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

While it's something that we often don't pay much attention to, security is probably one of the most important aspects of owning a website. You might not have been in the situation yet where you get hacked, but I promise it's not a good place to be, and therefore the...

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It’s Time to Commit

There are lots of moving parts to building and promoting a business. There are also many ways to approach marketing. Should I head to networking meetings, jump on social media, start blogging, or even streak naked through the centre of my hometown to just get people's...

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What Are You Doing Differently in 2019?

As we start the year I thought I would put together my thoughts on how I want things to change in 2019. Many of these won't be right for you, but maybe one or two will strike a chord. Also I would love to hear in the comments section what you are going to be doing...

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