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When you think about marketing your business and making sales it can all seem a little bit murky and confusing.

Maybe you jump from one thing to another, a social media post here, a blog post there. In the back of your mind you know you need to set up a mailing list and then build your funnel but you feel a great deal of resistance within yourself to actually getting it done.

Basically, you just aren’t getting the sales you want to see in your business.

I speak from experience because when I started in my business (if I could even call it a business at that time) in 2009 I spent a great deal of time spinning my wheels.

The good news is though that it doesn’t have to be as confusing as it first seems. Marketing doesn’t have to suck a huge amount of your time if you put some systems in place to streamline your process and to make the most of every piece of content you create.

When you distil it down to its basics, marketing is really about three main areas:

1 Your Home Base

This is your website, blog, store or marketplace. Basically its the place where you create your content to give to people or where you sell your products or services (this website you are currently reading is my home base).

You need your home base to be as clear and straightforward as possible so that people can easily understand what you are offering and you need to make it easy and attractive to purchase from you or to consume your content.

2 Your Mailing List

If you want to succeed over the long term you NEED a mailing list. The bottom line as that without a mailing list it’s almost impossible to build a long term relationship with your audience and it’s much harder to make consistent sales.

You also need to build a mailing list because it will take a great deal of the day-to-day keeping in touch with your audience off your plate. If you set up an autoresponder funnel you can provide people with great content whilst also pointing them towards what you have to offer in terms of products and services.

However, don’t forget it’s not enough just to set up a mailing list, you need to get people on to the list. Offering a great free opt-in can help or you could run a challenge or offer free shipping if you sell products. The possibilities are endless, it’s about thinking as creatively as you can within your sector.

3 Promotion

This includes all the ways you promote your business, so it can include social media, guest posting, interviews, offline activities, blogging etc! If you put some time into setting this up early on it will run much more seamlessly and with less effort on your part. Utilise scheduling tools and re-purpose content so you get as much exposure as you can from it on many different platforms.

It takes time and effort to film a video or write a blog post, if you want to make it effective you need to ensure it is seen by as many people as possible.

If you are feeling overwhelmed in your business take it back to basics to see what you have in place and what you can change. You have the core work of your business to do as well so marketing shouldn’t be a full-time occupation. Above all, don’t panic if the sales aren’t flowing, reassess where you are now, and then start to take some steps forward, even if they are baby steps, to getting these three foundations of your marketing in place.

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