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Kindle 101: How to Plan, Write, Publish & Market Your First Kindle Book

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Have you dreamt of getting published on Kindle but just don’t know where to start?

If you have ever wanted to write a non-fiction book either for publication on your own website or to sell on Amazon Kindle then this course will walk you through the entire process. 

What Does Publication On Kindle Offer?

  • Demonstrates your expertise in a particular area and builds trust with your audience, which can be a great addition to your business.
  • Allows you to reach an expanded audience. Some people  don’t read blogs but they will sit down and consume an e-book and therefore this allows you to reach a whole new raft of potential buyers for your services or products.
  • A presence on Amazon allows you to tap into a whole new market. These are people already used to purchasing through the platform and who are therefore ready to buy. 
  • An e-book can drive more people back to your website where your products and services are available.
  • Selling e-books on Amazon, or even from your own website, adds an additional stream of income to your business. 

It’s Time to Release Your First Book

Publishing an e-book is also not as difficult as you think it will be, especially if you approach it systematically and with someone guiding you who can answer questions at any point along the way.

Download the course today and not only do you get 30 days email support but you also get access to our private Facebook group where you can network with other course members and ask questions. 

What We Cove in This Course

  • Topic research on Amazon so that you understand what to look for in terms of those books which are selling well in your niche. 
  • Creating a great title and keyword rich description which will make people want to find out more about the book.
  • The perfect length of your e-book and why you aren’t going to need to write as many words as you may be thinking. In non-fiction people want a solution to their problem, not ‘War and Peace’. 
  • A walkthrough of the pre-writing planning stage and a guide to free tools which will make your life easier. At the end of this you will have a blueprint to work to as you start the writing process.
  • Creating a great cover – with solutions for every budget.
  • A complete guide to creating a mobi file for Kindle and publishing it on the platform. Plus a guide to writing your book description, selecting keywords and choosing your price.
  • We will also walk through the process if you decide to publish in pdf format and sell from your own website.
  • Marketing your book. The options for getting your title in front of as many people as possible.

How Will the Course Be Delivered?

  • checkThe complete course is ready to download today and access will be delivered to your inbox as soon as you make payment. 
  • check30 days email support from the date of your purchase so you can ask me questions 1 to 1 if you wish. 
  • checkPrivate Facebook group where we can brainstorm, ask questions or smooth out any niggles in your publishing process. 

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