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Here is part 2 of my 4 part series on productivity. Helping you to discover more productive ways of working; how to work smart; and some tools that will help you streamline your biz. If you would rather download this whole series in one handy pdf, so you can read it at your leisure, you can do that here.

Part 1 can be found here.

Avoid Multitasking

Much as we all love to believe that we are great multi-taskers, research has found that we do much better if we focus on one task at a time. Not only is it time-consuming to be switching between tasks constantly, but it actually
makes us far less effective in our daily lives.

If you find you struggle with this, a good workaround can be to block out time in your calendar which you then commit to focusing on certain activities. For example, a calendar does not only have to be for your appointments. Instead, say you wanted to write all your social media content for the month ahead in one afternoon, the best way to do this is to book some time in your calendar so you know you have the space to get it done without interruptions. You can do this with any task you need to do regularly and it can free your mind up from worrying about it when you are working on other aspects of your business.

Consider New Ways of Working

As technology evolves, so new ways of working emerge. One technology which is really coming into its own now is dictation. This allows you to create blog posts, e-book content, course content, social media updates or anything else that requires you to spend long hours at your desk.

One dictation software which is very good is called Dragon Anywhere. However, you can also use dictation on Google docs. This means that it’s totally free and all you need is either a microphone for your desktop PC or Mac or you can even use it on the app on your phone or an iPad.

Dictation can take a little time to get used to and once you have mastered it you will achieve a much greater output rate than you ever could typing. It’s also good for your health as it doesn’t tie you to a desk. Plus you can dictate while walking; while moving around the room; or even when just sitting in a different position- which is particularly helpful if you get neck or eyestrain. Try it out and see how you find it. If you persevere it’s a great way to increase your productivity levels.

The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique was invented by Francesco Cirillo and it works on the basis that we all do better if we focus on a task for a limited time period. The Pomodoro Technique uses a timeframe of 25 minutes concentrated work and then allows for a break of maybe 5 or 10 minutes. This has two distinct advantages. First, our brains function better when we work consistently on the task at hand with no interruptions. Second, when you know you only have a limited amount of time available to you it is amazing how much you can produce during that period.

There are many free timers available on the internet to help you with working this way. The five minute break should be used to give your mind and body a rest. It’s a good time to get up from your desk and stretch; rest your eyes by looking into the distance; or head to the kitchen to get a fresh glass of water. Not only will this way of working
make you more productive but it can also help in terms of your health goals.

I’ll be back next time with part 3 but just a reminder you can download the complete pdf for free today by clicking here.

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