Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Live 2018

8 Weeks to Social Media Success

Social media is evolving and if you want to start or continue to grow your audience through the various platforms, you need to devise a marketing strategy that works.

That means not running yourself ragged on every platform, hoping that if you just throw enough at it, it will eventually work. But instead taking a measured approach. Gaining an understanding of what each platform can offer you and then choosing which ones you are going to dedicate time to.

It's also vital to make social media part of the bigger picture. What do you want to achieve from your marketing? Do you have your branding and target audience clearly defined? How is social media going to reinforce the other parts of your digital marketing, such as your list building, blogging and SEO?

This course takes you right back to basics and then through our 8 weeks together helps you to emerge with a marketing strategy that is going to help grow your business - whatever you sell.  

This is a complete social media course in one and whether you are a complete beginner or want to grow your understanding of what social media can offer, this course is for you.

What Will You Gain From the Course?

  • Reverse engineer your marketing strategy so you start out with the end in mind. If you know what you want to achieve it's much easier to get there.
  • Understand how social media integrates with your marketing strategy as a whole, so that it also helps your list building, blogging and SEO.
  • Understand your target market: who they are; where they can be found; and what will draw them to your business.
  • Be able to brand your business - even on a tiny or non existent budget this is possible and I will show you how.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of each of the social media platforms including: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and YouTube.  
  • Increase your brand recognition and improve customer loyalty. 
  • Spend less time on social media platforms but make your marketing far more effective.
  • Know how to create great content and images which will get increased interaction and visibility.

How Will the Course Be Delivered?

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    The course will start on on Thursday 19th April 2018 and will run for 8 weeks. The calls will be held at 8pm BST (3pm EST & 12 noon EST).
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     The live calls will take place via webinar, to give the opportunity for people to interact and ask questions should they wish to.
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    All calls will be recorded and you will retain lifetime access so you can refer back at any time.
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    There will also be written checklists, worksheets and prompts to help you devise a strategy which will continue to work long after the course is over.
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    There will be email support from me for the duration of the course so you can ask me questions at any time. 

Ready to End Social Media Confusion?

If you are tired of jumping from one thing to the next on social media and spinning your wheels instead of signing up new clients or attracting customers, then join me via the link below. 

Once payment has been made securely via Paypal you will receive further details ready to get started on the 19th April. See you on the inside.