7 Days to Launch: Get Your First Course Live

The first time doing anything is always the hardest – right?

You know you want to launch a small course – in fact you have been mulling it over for months – but you just don’t know where to start.

Surely it’s going to be difficult, or too technical or people won’t like it, or won’t buy it. Surely I have to make this the course to end all courses. The course that will be so flippin’ awesome that people will never need to buy another course!

Oh geez, now I’m scared. I could never create a course like that. Why even bother!​

Are these the thoughts that rush around your head when you start to think about creating your first course?

I know they were at the forefront of my mind, but then I dived in, created my first course and have simply not looked back. I LOVE creating courses, I love sharing them with you and I like making them accessible, both practically and financially. ​

Creating a small course is NOT difficult but there are steps you need to take to ensure it is planned, created, delivered and then most importantly of all marketed successfully.

What you need is not the theory, it’s the hands on practical steps outlined for you. Therefore, with that in mind we are going to create your first course together.

We are going to work together for 7 days to get your course created and launched. We will start with a video overview of the process and then each day for 7 days you will have access to a practical lesson on how to take the next step to build and ultimately sell your course.

You can work through day by day or get access to the whole course straight away if you want to work through it more quickly. All the materials will have lifetime access so every time you want to build a new course you can work through the process again.

What Do I Need to get Started?

Your course can be text based, image, audio or video based. You can choose whatever you feel comfortable with and I will be giving you options for each one so that it makes it easy for you.

  • You will need an autoresponder on ​your mailing list provider to deliver the course or a simple password protected page set up on your website – I will show you how to do both. You don’t need any expensive membership site or any tricky tech battles to get started – this is all about ease.
  • You need a passion to share something you know well and a desire to make some money sharing what you love.

This is your first course – a way to get started – I promise once you have mastered the process there will be no holding you back. Once you make your first sale you will understand why this is a great way to make residual income whether you do it as a stand alone process or integrate it into an existing business. ​

Will There Be Any Support?

There will be a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share your success story. If you follow along and do the work you are going to finish those 7 days with a product to sell.

Sound good? 

Let’s Get Started

Sign up today and you will be sent immediate access to the course. See you on the inside.

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